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  • Sep
    What is the advantages of smoke dye from ER CHEM

  • Aug
    Why choose ER pigments for solvent based ink?

    Why choose ER pigments for solvent based ink?1. What is solvent based ink?Solvent-based ink refers to an ink system formed by using organic solvents or solvent-based polymer film-forming agents as a carrier and dispersing pigments or dyes in the carrier 2. Recommended pigments from ER CHEM for solve

  • Jun
    Which kind of color is suitable for PA6 and PA66

    Nylon is mainly used in the automobile industry, electronic industry, transportation industry, machinery manufacturing industry, wire and cable communication industry, film and daily necessities. Nylonis used for manufacturing various bearings, gears, circular gears, cams, bevel gears, oil pipelines

  • Feb
    How to select Phthalic Anhydride ?

    Phthalic anhydride produced by Haishu is an important raw material in the chemical industry, especially for the manufacture of plasticizers.

  • Feb
    How to select colorants for fertilizer?

    ER colorants for fertilizerAccording to a large number of studies by ER CHEM, In pursuit of greater economic value, it is popular to dye the fertilizers.The common dyeing fertilizers in market are mainly concentrated in diammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer, potassium chloride, slow and cont

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