Dye classification tips
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Dye classification tips

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Dye classification tips

Looking at this vast world, we can appreciate so many colors. On the one hand, nature itself gives us a colorful home; on the other hand, people's industry gives play to their wisdom and make various dyes used for painting, making our life more colorful. With the continuous development of chemical and chemical technology, people have been very common in the use of dyes, whether it is the clothes we wear every day, or the daily use of a variety of daily necessities, have used a lot of dyes. So the next small make up to give you some popular science about the classification of dyes little common sense.

1. Direct dyestuff: Direct dyestuff is a kind of common dyestuff. It can stick to some fibers directly without reaction. Its interior is mainly composed of sulfuric acid group and hydroxyl group.

2. Acid dyes: The interior of acid dyes is also composed of sulfuric acid groups and some hydroxyl groups, but the ionic bonds between them will be combined with a variety of protein fibers, mainly used for dyeing some protein fibers, such as wool and silk.

Disperse dyes: Unlike both of these dyes, disperse dyes are insoluble in water, and by virtue of this, disperse dyes are often used for dyeing hydrophobic fibres, such as polyester and polyamide.

4, reactive dye: reactive dye group can help the internal hydroxyl group and amino group to have chemical reaction, let it and cellulose share the chemical bond to form a dyeing effect, our life is more common in some cotton, hemp, etc., are using reactive dye for dyeing.

5, VAT dyes: VAT dyes are not water-soluble, some are soluble in water, some are not. The dyeing effect of VAT dyes on various fibers is actually realized by oxidation.

By understanding these common types of dyes, I believe you have a good understanding of dyes. In fact, dyes are often available in our life, and sometimes I can also use dyes or even make some simple dyes by myself. The development of chemistry has provided a lot of convenience for people's life. In fact, it is very helpful for us to understand some knowledge of chemistry in our life. If you want to know more about dye products, you can go to our company's website for detailed consultation.

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