How are solvent dyes named
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How are solvent dyes named

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How are solvent dyes named

Our world is so colorful. On the one hand, nature has endowed us with rich colors. On the other hand, through continuous research efforts, we have produced a variety of solvent dyes, which enable us to decorate the world more autonomously. Nowadays, there are many kinds of dyes, and various dyes appear in many occasions such as textile, clothing, packaging, construction and so on. So how do these solvent dyes get their names? How can you tell the difference between solvent dyes? Below let small make up to give you a popular science.

Step1: Crown weight. Crown called the main principle is in accordance with the application method and classification of solvent dyes to determine, such as some solvent dyes action mechanism is oxidation, then there will be oxidation in front of the word. In addition to the common crown called mainly dispersion, activity, reduction, and so on, is generally in the name of the solvent dye in front of.

Step2: Color. We all know that solvent dyes have different colors, and different colors are one of the main ways to distinguish between different types of solvent dyes. One of the easiest ways to classify colors is by physical common names, such as red, yellow, and blue. If you use plant names, there are orange, pink, and grass green.

Step3: Endnotes. Endnote is just like a note, the main notes are some color light, performance and state of solvent dyes and other information. Some of the more common examples are P for printing, M for mixture, and N for novel.

Through the above named way of explanation, you will encounter a variety of solvent dyes in the future can easily identify their properties and USES, for production and life are more practical. At present there are more and more kinds of solvent dyes, and the richness of their colors makes our life more colorful. We haishu chemical industry specialized in the production of all kinds of chemical dyes, is very practical. If you would like to know more about our products, please feel free to contact our staff.

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