How to select Phthalic Anhydride ?
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How to select Phthalic Anhydride ?

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How to select Phthalic Anhydride ?

Phthalic Anhydride

 ChangZhou Energetic & Reliable as ER CHEMproduces authentic orthophthalic anhydride with best quality, brand and service.  The factory is in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The production capacity is 100,000 tons/year.

  Phthalic anhydride produced by Haishu is an important raw material in the chemical industry, especially for the manufacture of plasticizers.

ER CHEM phthalic anhydride is an excellent grade product of the national standard, and the content of maleic anhydride is extremely low (less than 0.05%), so it is sold as general goods (non-dangerous goods), and there is no need to make dangerous packages. We have relevant certification documents to provide.

We have exported a lot to India, Algeria, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, UAE, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, Egypt and other countries and regions.

Customized service of ER CHEM phthalic anhydride products:

1) Customized markings, markings can be customized according to customer requirements, and then we will arrange production, which takes about ten days.

2) Special export services:

        When exporting to neighboring countries on land (Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan, etc.), the container can be sent by train, or the truck can be transported directly at the border to unload the goods and return on the same route.Packing details :


Packing specification

20 feet container

40 feet container

With pallet

Without pallet

With pallet

Without pallet

Small package (25KG/bag )

14 tons/container
18 pallets ,price+60 rmb/ton

20 tons/container

26 tons/container
34 pallets ,price+105 rmb/ton

26 tons/container

Big package (500KG/bag)

15 tons/container
10 pallets ,price+53 rmb/ton

15 tons/ container

26 tons/container , if with pallet 1.5ton/pallet
price+60 rmb/ton

26 tons/container

Mar:The pallet is a standard plastic pallet, the large package is recommended to used in a 40-foot large container, pallet size : length: 1.1 meters, width: 1 meter, height: 13 cm


Customers are welcome to inquire at any time


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