Introduction to the method of dye quality inspection
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Introduction to the method of dye quality inspection

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 Introduction to the method of dye quality inspection

Dye is a kind of thing we can't live without in our life. Why the clothes we wear can be colorful and die? Because the existence of dye makes our world more beautiful and colorful. There are many kinds of dyes in industry, and the actual processing is also more complicated, which leads to the fact that the quality of dyes in the actual use process is actually quite different. Some dyes with inferior quality may fade for a long time, and even cause some harm to human body. So how to identify the quality of the dye? Below small make up to introduce a method to you.

Take a gram or so of dye and let it gradually dissolve and disperse in a solution. As you do so, you can observe how fast the dye is dissolving and how it is doing with the water. After the dissolution of the dye using the fabric for filtering, and then you can observe the fabric above the residual dye residue state, the same color contrast and uniformity can be roughly seen how its quality. After filtering, the dye can continue to drip on the filter paper. If the dye forms an eyeball bubble on the filter paper at this time, it indicates that the spread degree is not very good. Therefore, attention should be paid to the use of this dye, which may not be very good. When receiving a dye product, also check to see if the packaging is thick enough. Because a little thicker packaging moisture resistance is better, and basically dye has a stronger moisture absorption, so do moisture-proof measures have to pay attention to avoid dye hygroscopicity.

There are many brands of dye products in the market now. In order to choose the products we like, we need to have an eye for distinguishing the good from the bad. As an indispensable product of the textile and garment industry, dyestuff has a very broad market in the future. Our factory focuses on the production of various dyes and pigments, and has very good market sales volume and high evaluation. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us at any time.

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