Over 98.7% Purity Sorbitol for Electronics Industry
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Over 98.7% Purity Sorbitol for Electronics Industry

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1 Introduction:

Sorbitol also known as Sorbitol, D-Glucitol, Sorbol, D-Sorbitol. which is the main photosynthesis product of Rosaceae plants. It is white hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flakes or granules, odorless. Depending on the crystallization conditions,. It is easily soluble in water (1g can be dissolved in about 0.45mL water), slightly soluble in ethanol and acetic acid. It has a refreshing sweet taste, the sweetness is about half of that of sucrose, and its calorific value is similar to that of sucrose. It will not cause dental caries when used as a sweetener.


2. Physical and chemical indicators:

Products: Sorbitol, D-Glucitol, Sorbol, D-Sorbitol

Chemical formula: C6H14O6

Molecular weight: 182.17

CAS number: 50-70-4

EINECS number: 200-061-5

Melting point: about 88 to 102

Boiling point: 295

Water solubility: easily soluble in water

Density: 1.489 g/cm³

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Flash point: about 100


3. Application:

♦Adding a little sorbitol in chewing gum and candy production can keep food soft, improve tissue and reduce hardening and sanding. The dosage is about 8%

♦Used for water retention purposes in bread and pastries, the usage amount is about 2%,

♦Used in sweets and food to prevent the taste change during the logistics process

♦It can also chelate metal ions, which can be used in canned drinks and wine to prevent food from becoming turbid due to metal ions.

♦It can be used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C. Sorbitol can be produced by fermentation and chemical synthesis.

♦It can be used as a raw material for industrial surfactants,

♦Sorbitol has moisturizing properties, which can replace glycerin and be used in the production of toothpaste, cigarettes and cosmetics.

♦It can produce rigid polyurethane foam with certain flame retardant properties.

♦In the pharmaceutical industry, the sorbitol ester produced by nitration of sorbitol is a drug for the treatment of coronary heart disease.

♦It can be used as a defoamer, used in sugar making process, brewing process and soy product process, and used in appropriate amount according to production needs. It can also be used to moisturize raisins, thicken and preserve aroma of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, as well as candy and chewing gum.

♦Used as a gas chromatography stationary liquid for the separation and analysis of low-boiling oxygen-containing compounds, amine compounds, nitrogen or oxygen heterocyclic compounds. Also used in organic synthesis.

♦Diuretic dehydrating agent. It is used for the treatment of cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure, the treatment of increased intraocular pressure for glaucoma, and also used for edema and oliguria with normal heart and kidney function.

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