Pigment Blue 29 Mainly Plastic Candle Industry Strong Tinting Strength with Great High Temperature Resistance
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Pigment Blue 29 Mainly Plastic Candle Industry Strong Tinting Strength with Great High Temperature Resistance

  • Pigment blue 29

Ultramarine blue

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♦Ultramarine blue TDS

      ♦Ultramarine blue MSDS

Product description

 ♦Product name :Ultramarine blue


       ♦Color shade: Shining blue

       ♦Molecular formula:Na6Al4Si6S4O20

       ♦molecular weight: 994.500988

       ♦Strength: 100±3%

       ♦Temperature resistance: 300℃

Color Shade



♦Coloring: used in paint, rubber, printing and dyeing, ink, color painting, construction, etc.

      ♦Whitening aspect: used in paint, knitting industry, papermaking, detergent, etc.

      ♦Special for painting: Use ultramarine powder to add blending oil, glue and acrylic separately to make oil painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting and acrylic paint respectively. Ultramarine is a mineral pigment, transparent, weak in hiding power and high in brightness, not suitable for painting very dark tones. It is suitable for decorative colors, especially in ancient Chinese buildings.

      ♦The paint industry is used to make colored paint to make the whiteness more vivid.

      ♦In the rubber industry, it is used for coloring and whitening rubber products such as sneaker outsoles and rubber sheets, or blending grass green with yellow pigments.

      ♦The paper industry is used in pulp to produce bright white or bluish pulp.

      ♦In the printing and dyeing textile industry, it is used in white cotton cloth and knitwear to increase the whiteness of the fiber and the printing trademark of cloth knitwear.

      ♦The pigment industry is used for the coloring of oil paints and as a whitening agent for white pigments.

      ♦In the plastic industry, it is used for the coloring, stitching and whitening of plastic products and artificial leather. Used in the construction industry to color cement square bricks and artificial marble.

      ♦In addition, ultramarine blue can also be used as antioxidants for perfluorocarbon resins, hydrocracking catalysts, and to adsorb uranium from seawater.

Alternative name

Pigment Blue 29

      ♦ Ultramarine (pigment);

      ♦ Cosmetic Blue U

      ♦ Cosmetic Ultramarine Blue CB 80

      ♦ Levanox Ultramarine 3113LF;

      ♦ Sanylene Blue 39-93

      ♦ Sicomet Blue P 77007

      ♦ BluepigmentVN-3293

Product Feature

Ultramarine blue has high thermal stability;

      ♦Pigment blue 29 has good light and weather fastness;

      ♦Pigment blue 29 has bright color and high coloring intensity;

      ♦Ultramarine pigment is the oldest and brightest blue pigment.

      ♦ The bright blue color shows a little red light. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and belongs to the category of inorganic pigments.

      ♦It is used for whitening and can eliminate the yellow light in white paint or other white pigments. It is insoluble in water, alkali-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.

      ♦It is extremely stable to sunlight and wind and rain in the atmosphere, but it is not acid-resistant and will decompose and change color when exposed to acid.

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