Pigment preparations for seed treatment from ER CHEM
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Pigment preparations for seed treatment from ER CHEM

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                                   Pigment preparations for seed treatment from ER CHEM

         Agriculture is the foundation of a country. With the implementation of the national policy of green mountains and clear waters, new environmentally friendly seed coating agents have emerged. Seed coating agents are the most economical new formulations of pesticides. The main types are SD, FS, EWS, SW, etc.

       Seed Dressing is based on the original pesticide formulations (such as SC, EW, DF, WP, CS, SL), adding a film-forming agent (Binder) and signal color (pigment powder or color paste), and other active ingredients such as micronutrient hormones are added as needed. Before the planting of good crops, the budding and seedling stage insect pests and seed-borne and soil-borne diseases that may occur, choose the variety of liquid medicine, in order to prevent the damage to the seeds by pests and harmful bacteria, it is very necessary to coat the seeds to protect the seeds. Put on a colorful coat containing a drug film, so the name is thought to be called a seed coating agent. Generally, the coated seeds do not need to be applied with pesticides in the bud stage and seedling stage for nearly 45 days, and the dosage is only about 1/50 of the field spraying.

         Therefore, the seed coating is known as the most economical new formulation of pesticides.

The most famous type of seed coating is: Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment FS. ER CHEM dedicated to R&D and produce signal colorants applied for seed coating and pesticide formulationER CHEM integrate resources formed by famous plant protection experts and experts from colorant industry also equipped with world advanced facilities and to produce different series signal colorants to cater to customized customer needs.The special superfine color paste ER-SC series  seed coating agent is used in the formulation of seed coating agent, which can not only play a warning role, but also improve the commerciality of seed coating agent products, and can reflect the added value of the product and establish a brand image. .

All the raw materials used in the ultra-fine color paste from ER CHEM for seed coating agent are water-based, environmentally friendly . The quality of raw materials is strictly controlled. The use of international advanced grinding equipment and strict SOP production process ensure stable product quality.

        Very suitable for suspension type seed coatings, ER CHEM superfine pigment paste has good compatibility, and is compatible with different types of seed coating formulations. It has good compatibility and stable performance, excellent safety for seeds, high pigment content and strong tinting strength , fine particle size and normal distribution, stable viscosity, good fluidity, good cost performance, easy to disperse in the formulation of seed coating agent, with the special film-forming agent for seed coating agent, to form a water-permeable, air-permeable and excellent gloss on the surface of the seeds. Color film, good processing performance, odorless and dust-free, can be diluted with water at will, and has been verified by the market for many years to be safe for seeds.  

          The ER-SC series of superfine pigment paste is specially designed for seed coating. The appearance is a flowing slurry with stable fastness, high color strength . It is close to neutral PH and in the seed coating agent.

         The compatibility of other ingredients is good, and the application is convenient, just simply stir well. The ER-SC series of superfine color paste does not need to be grinded, and can be directly added to the dyed SC and mixed evenly.

Special pigment paste for seed coating agent, special film-forming agent for seed coating agent, undyed SC, the seeds are treated with precise control system seed treatment equipment, so that the active ingredients and colors are evenly distributed in the seeds

      The surface of the seeds forms a uniform coating with good gloss and bright color, which seems to put on a beautiful coat for the seeds. Seed World is colorful and hardworking. HER CHEM Color is committed to meeting the needs of customers, providing customized services for the majority of seed coating customers, designing exclusive colors according to customer needs, and adjusting the required colors according to customer samples, helping seed coating companies to customize and design seed coating formulations and make unremitting efforts effort.

With  20 years of experience 
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