Polymeric Colorants BLUE 5RF-6W-P for Untreated Seeds
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Polymeric Colorants BLUE 5RF-6W-P for Untreated Seeds

Er-former 6W-P Colorful Seed Coating Film-forming Agent All-in-One Recipe Easy for Operation



0Product description&Specification

    ♦Product name :ER-FORMER RED 5RF-6W-P

    ♦Color shade: Shining Red

    ♦Solid Content:52%-56%


            ♦P.H. Value: 7.0-9.0

            ♦Specific Gravity/(g/ml):1.1g/ml-1.3g/ml


0Color Shade


Polymeric Colorants BLUE  5RF-6W-P for Seed Coating
Polymeric colorants for seed coating  BLUE 5RF-6W-P
Polymeric Seed Coating Colorants BLUE 5RF-6W-P
Polymeric Colorants for Crop Protection BLUE 5RF-6W-P

0Technical Advantage and Benefits

♦Er-former 6W-P is Ready-To-Use, All-in-One recipe.easy for operation.

♦Er-former 6W-P is Fast-Dry, no need for subsequent drying.

♦Er-former 6W-P improve distribution of active ingredients.

♦Er-former 6W-P bring better flowability of seeds.

♦Er-former 6W-P increase root development.

♦Er-former 6W-P enhance rub resistance, which can reduce the loss of the active Ingredients fall from the seeds. 

♦Er-former 6W-P reduce the coated color fall down from the seeds and It is suitable for long distance transportation of coated seeds.

♦Er-fbrmer 6W-P offer you a customized formulation that suits better for different customers needs-Whether it' s a particular color match, or looking at the problems encountered while developing a recipe for new applications, we can control all the difTerent aspects that can cater to your specific requirements because we produce the polymers / binders and liquid pigments.


0Product Packing

20KG/25KG/30KG/120KG/200KG/ Plastic Drum/IBC TANK 


With  20 years of experience 
in the manufacturing and supplying of
high performance pigments, ER CHEM 
is dedicated to the R&D.


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