Safe And Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Water Soluble Bag
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Safe And Non-toxic Environmentally Friendly Water Soluble Bag

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Analysis of 9 major applications of water soluble bags

Application 1: Agriculture

The packaging bag with seeds made of water-soluble film can be used for the sowing of crops (such as radishes, onions, carrots and various plants, flowers and grass seeds), which can improve the efficiency and precision of sowing, and make plants Growing according to the sowing shape of the seed belt or seed net can prevent the seeds from being exposed in the windy sand area and being blown out or being eaten by the animals. After the rain or moisture dissolves the water-soluble water-soluble film, the seeds can germinate in the soil Grow.


Application 2: Embroidery

   water soluble film as a temporary carrier can be used in the production of wigs and embroidery. In embroidery, because the water-soluble film used as the pad is water-soluble, it only needs to be soaked in room temperature water for a few minutes, the pad will be completely dissolved, and the embroidery pattern will appear.

The advantages of using water-soluble film: non-toxic and fully dissolved, easy to handle, no residues such as wire drawing, glue, etc.; suitable for multi-head embroidery machines, without thread breakage or misaligned holes; instead of non-woven fabrics, to avoid high temperature dissolution Textile deformation and fiber dyeing and fading.


Application 3: Packaging of chemicals and cement additives (polypropylene fiber, silica fume)

  Many chemicals and cement additives have strong alkali, strong acidity and irritating odor. Usually when used outdoors, they are affected by wind and dust and easily touch the eyes and skin of workers and cause pollution to the environment. In the past, workers had to wear appropriate protective equipment during operation to avoid injury, which caused great inconvenience to the operation.

If the water-soluble water-soluble film is used to package chemicals and cement additives, it will not only be accurately measured, will not produce packaging waste with polluting substances, and reduce environmental pollution, and it does not need to be unpacked during use, and put into the container together with the packaging, avoiding The human body is in direct contact with toxic substances (including substances with pungent odors). When a variety of chemicals need to be mixed, the chemicals can be separately formulated and packaged separately, and the different components can be mixed directly when they are used, which is safer and more convenient in use.


Application 4: Anti-infection packaging

In the hospital, water-soluble bags can be used to package and isolate contaminated supplies and clothing with bacteria. During disinfection and cleaning, the packaging bags containing contaminants are put into the cleaning and disinfection equipment for cleaning, reducing the transportation, storage and cleaning process of medical staff In contact with bacteria-carrying and contaminated supplies and clothing, prevent the spread of germs and prevent secondary germ infections in the hospital. 

Application 5: Food packaging

Because the water-soluble film has good gas barrier properties and oil resistance, these characteristics can greatly extend the preservation period of the packaged food, and can maintain its composition and smell intact.


Application 6: Release agent:

   water-soluble film can be used as a mold release agent with excellent performance when using unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin or other thermosetting resins to make parts.


Application 7: Packaging of electronic products

   Since the water-soluble film does not carry static electricity, it is suitable for packaging electronic products such as integrated blocks. The products in this package will not absorb dust in the air because they are not charged, which improves the cleanliness and aesthetics of the packaged products.


Application 8: Water transfer printing

   water-soluble film can be used for trademark and pattern transfer on special-shaped surfaces of ceramics, plastics, metals, and wooden objects, such as electrical appliance shells, automobile peach wood, mobile phone shells, etc.


Application 9: Daily necessities packaging

   Because of the unique properties and environmental friendliness of water-soluble film, it has been widely used in daily necessities packaging. Such as: detergent packaging and environmentally friendly shopping bags.Advantages of water soluble bag:

   1. Safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly, easy to dissolve, strong heat sealability, high anti-counterfeiting, and improve quality. To

  2. It can greatly reduce the impact of pesticides, industrial chemicals and other toxic or irritating substances on the human body and the environment. To

  3. The tensile strength and tear strength are better than traditional plastic film. To

  4. It can effectively reduce the transportation cost caused by the weight of the packaging glass bottle itself, and solve the problems of easy leakage and difficult recycling caused by the lack of tight sealing of the bottle stopper and environmental pollution. To

   5. It has excellent oil resistance, fat resistance and organic solvent resistance. To

  6. Excellent antistatic performance. When packing powder, it will not absorb powder and dust. To

  7. The metering is accurate to avoid environmental pollution or insufficient use of pesticides to achieve the effect of sterilization and insecticide.

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