The difference between a Dye and a pigment
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The difference between a Dye and a pigment

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The difference between a Dye and a pigment

Every year, we can enjoy a variety of colors, some of which are natural and some of which are man-made and quite beautiful. Artificial colors are basically dyes and pigments. When it comes to dyes and pigments, we are not familiar with them. We tend to think of them as more or less the same thing, because they both serve to paint. But in fact, the difference between the two is quite big. Let us examine the difference between dyes and pigments.

(1) Common ground: In understanding the differences between dyes and pigments, let's first look at whether they have anything in common. Of course, there are. Both of them have good hair color ability, so they can form colors on various surfaces. At the same time, they all have good chemical stability and strong adaptability.

(2) Solubility: the dye is generally soluble in water, or some organic solvents, convenient for large-scale dyeing. But pigments are mostly insoluble in water, and do not dissolve in most solvents. Most of the time they have solid properties.

(3) Binding force: Dyes have a strong binding force on fibers, that is, the clothes we wear are formed by dyeing dyes. The pigment does not bind directly to the fiber, it requires some kind of adhesive to adhere to the surface of the fiber.

(4) Chemical composition: Dyes are basically organic, but pigments are mostly composed of inorganic substances except some of them.

(5) Scope of application: Due to the great difference in the nature of the two in various aspects, so in the scope of application, each has its own field of adaptation. Dyes are commonly used in dyeing textiles and leather products, while pigments are more common in inks, paints and coatings.

By comparison, we can clearly see that there is a big difference between dyes and pigments in all aspects. Before using dyes and pigments, we should first have an understanding of the actual use situation, and then select the appropriate dye accordingly. Now the dyeing product on the market or more, we should be careful not to choose the unknown road, unknown ingredients of the product, a lot of products may be harmful to the human body. If you would like to know more about it, please feel free to contact our work heat source.

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