What is Chameleon paint?
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What is Chameleon paint?

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What is Chameleon paint?

The excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of pearlite pigment offer the possibility of its wide application in coatings, inks, plastics and many other fields.

Advantages of pearlite powder: 1. Low heavy metal content, can be used in food packaging and children's toys.

2. Acid and alkali can not corrode pearlite pigment at room temperature.

3. Pearlite pigment cannot burn, does not spontaneously ignite, does not conduct electricity,

4. Can withstand 600, 800℃ high temperature.

5. Pearlite pigments can also be used in reactive coatings for radiation curing systems (electron beam curing, light curing)

6. The surface chemical structure of pearlite pigment makes it have excellent hydrophilicity, so it can be used in waterborne coatings, but with poor oil philicity. Therefore, when used in organic systems, poor dispersion will occur.

Chameleon pigment has a pearly sheen, iridescent effect, deep gloss, color variation.) It USES titanium dioxide or other metal oxides to coat translucent mica to achieve a pearly sheen.

Optical effects:

Ordinary pigments or dyes absorb light within a particular wavelength range and reflect the rest. Chameleon pigments are transparent wafers with a spiral structure. They do not absorb light, but only reflect and transmit it, thus creating a colour effect through optical interference, like a soap bubble. In a spiral structure, cigar-shaped liquid crystals are arranged in parallel rows of layers. Each layer has a slightly different component direction. We define the distance between two layers with the same molecular direction as the pitch, which determines the color of the wafer. A typical chameleon pigment chip has about 10 superposition pitches, each of which reflects light. The incident ray is reflected if its wavelength matches the pitch of the particle, while the rest is transmitted to the surface of the agent. The color of the agent itself also plays an important role in the application of chameleon pigments due to the transparency of the pigments. The use of chameleon pigments on dark surfaces, especially black surfaces, gives a colour effect that changes colour depending on the Angle of view. In contrast, on a white or off-white background, only a very subtle flickering effect occurs because the background reflects most of the incident light.

Chameleon pigments add fresh energy and personality to your products. Whether your products are cars, sports equipment, communication tools, toys, leather, textiles, cosmetics, or other items, the chameleon paint's surface layer elevates them to a taste of their own. The advent of chameleon paint heralded a post-metal age. Chameleon pigments are leading a new era in the field of coloring. It will revolutionize the formulation of your paints, coatings, plastics and cosmetics industries.

Chameleon pigment Application:

Chameleon pigments are widely used because of their easy to process properties and special color effects. In the formulation of the transparent system, chameleon pigment is used for its color effect. For a deep gloss application, the surface of the product should be covered with a transparent coating. Chameleon pigment can be used in paints, coatings, printing inks and plastics. An opaque or light-scattering component will reduce the color variation to the desired luminance effect. By mixing with other pigments (such as metal and pearlescent pigments), a charismatic effect can be achieved. By adding a very small amount of carbon black (about 0.01%) to the transparent plastic, the required masking power can be obtained. During paint application, the chameleon pigment particles should be arranged in parallel. This will get good results. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to add UV absorbent.

The following characteristics of chameleon pigments:

1. Compatibility with all types of adhesives in powder, water-based and solvent-based formulations

2. Lower density avoids the problem of precipitation

3. transparency, can be used on the surface of colored agents.

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