What is chameleon pigment and how many types of color changing ?
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What is chameleon pigment and how many types of color changing ?

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What is chameleon pigment and how many types of color changing ?

Chameleon pigment from ER CHEM

The excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of pearlescent pigments provide it with the possibility of being widely used in coatings, inks, plastics and a variety of fields.


Advantages of pearlescent pigment:

1. Low heavy metal content, can be used for food packaging and children's toys.

2. Neither acid nor alkali can corrode pearlescent pigments at room temperature.

3. Pearlescent pigments cannot burn, spontaneously combust, or conduct electricity.

4. It can withstand high temperatures of 600 and 800°C.

5. Pearlescent pigments can also be used in reactive coatings for radiation curing systems (electron beam curing, light curing).

6. The special surface chemical structure of pearlescent pigments makes it have excellent hydrophilicity, so it can be applied to water-based coatings, but its lipophilicity is poor. Therefore, when used in organic systems, poor dispersibility will occur. Pearlescent pigments need to be Surface treatment, so that it can also be well used in organic systems.

Chameleon pigments have pearl luster, iridescent effect, deep luster, color change), and use titanium dioxide or other metal oxides to coat translucent mica to achieve a pearl-like luster effect.


Chameleon pigment application:

Due to its easy processing characteristics and special color effects, chameleon pigments have a wide range of applications. In the formula of the transparent system, the chameleon pigment can exert the best color effect. For the application of a deep gloss effect, the surface of the product should be covered with a transparent coating. Chameleon pigments can be used in paints, coatings, printing inks and plastics. Opaque or light-scattering components will weaken the color change until the desired brightness effect. By mixing with other pigments (such as metal, pearlescent pigments), you can get a very attractive effect. In transparent plastics, by adding a small amount of carbon black (approximately 0.01%), the required hiding power can be obtained. In the paint application process, the chameleon pigment particles should be arranged in parallel. This will give the best results. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to add UV absorbers.


The following characteristics of chameleon pigments:

1. Compatibility with all types of adhesives in powder, water-based, and solvent-based formulation systems, easy to disperse

2. Lower density avoids the problem of precipitation

3. Transparency, can be used on the surface of colored substrates.

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