What is metal complex solvent dye and what applications it has?
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What is metal complex solvent dye and what applications it has?

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What is metal complex solvent dye and what applications it has?

Metal complex solvent dye from ER CHEM

ER CHEM supplies high-quality metal complex solvent dyes, soluble in water or solvents, and will not precipitate after being completely dissolved. It has excellent solubility .Its weather resistance and light resistance are worse than pigments; The color is bright, but there is no white. Its usual colors are purple, red, blue black, pure black, yellow, green, blue, brown, etc. In wood coatings, generally only purple, yellow, blue and black can be used to adjust most of the colors.

1. Classification of dyes

Solvent type-------1. This type of dye is only soluble in general true solvents, insoluble in alcohol and water, and slightly soluble in toluene and xylene.

     2. Each solvent has a different dissolving power for each color

Alcohol type----1. These dyes are only soluble in alcohol (alcohols), and some are soluble in water.

    2. These dyes are more expensive than solvent-based and water-based dyes, but they have brighter colors and stronger light and weather resistance.

      3. Alcohol will open the pores of the wood, so it is very suitable for the OIL STAIN system without pores.

      4. Also commonly used in NGR STAIN lint-free colorant.

Water-oil two-soluble type-with oily light resistance and vividness, it is the best product in the world today. It is soluble in water while maintaining a high concentration, clear and transparent, without precipitation or turbidity, and has excellent solubility , Also has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance. It can be used for new environmentally friendly water-based varnish toning, but the price is high.

2. Application:

1) Application in coatings and inks:

1. Wood coloring and transparent coloring agent for paint products

2. Printing ink: coloring agent for gravure printing and offset printing, carbon paper, typing tape, ink for various writing pens, etc.

3. Textile heat transfer printing to modulate printing ink.

4. The metal surface is colored, such as aluminum film, tinplate, etc. (air-dried or baked).

5. Coloring of PET film, such as: color packaging film, color bronzing film.

2) Application in plastics:

Transparent (fluorescent) colorant for plastics. For example: ABS, PET, PMMA, PS, PC, nylon, etc.

3. Special application:

1. Coloring of wax paper and candle products.

2. Solvent dyeing of textiles and shoe polish dyeing.

3. Surface spray coloring in leather industry, natural hair dyeing coloring agent.

4. Dyeing of soap, cosmetics, perfume, fuel (oil), etc.

5. Transparent coloring of the glass surface.

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