What is oil dye and how many colors the oil dye have ?
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What is oil dye and how many colors the oil dye have ?

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What is oil dye and how many colors the oil dye have ?

Oil Dyes from ER CHEM

Oil dyes from ER CHEM are well received by customers at home and abroad.


Oil dye series :

Red: Oil red 0911-174

Yellow: Oil Yellow 0931-174, Oil Yellow 0932-174

Blue: oil blue 0951-38, oil blue 0951-39, oil blue 0952-23

Green: Oil Green 0941-13, Oil Green 0942-23

Black: oil black 0971-215


Application of oil dyes

Widely used in hydrogenated diesel, engine oil, lubricating oil (grease), shoe polish, paraffin, high temperature hydraulic oil, kerosene, mineral oil, power steering oil, fuel oil, etc.


Advantages of oil dyes from ER CHEM

1. The amount of addition is small: a small proportion of dyes can achieve bright colors

2. Excellent oil solubility: less precipitation, bright color, high color strength, to ensure the purity of the oil

3. High safety: only change the oil color, will not affect the physical and chemical properties of various oils

4. Good chemical properties: good light resistance and weather resistance

5. Convenient to use, just add it directly to the oil and stir.

6. No impurities, no precipitation, no precipitation.

7. No free heavy metal components exist.

8. High color fastness, will not fade for a long time


Suggested dosage of oil dyes from ER CHEM

1. The dilution ratio in the oil is as low as 3ppm. 1 kg of oil coloring powder can mix at least 300 tons of oil, and 1 ton of oil only needs to add no more than 4 grams of toner.

The above addition amount is for reference only, the actual addition amount depends on the required color intensity and the background color of the system being injected

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