What is smoke dye and how to select smoke dye ?
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What is smoke dye and how to select smoke dye ?

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According to the needs of the market, ER CHEM  has specially developed color smoke sublimation dyes with a complete range of colors.


Smoke dyes are special dyes for smoke screens, which can produce colorful smoke screen effects and can be used in the following applications:


1. Special effect :It can be used for special effects such as photography effects and outdoor stages.

2. Masking  effect :Thick smoke that produces a masking effect.

3. Military -  smoke ammunitions,smoke grenades used in signals and training,

4.Security - new application : ATM and cash protection,

5.safety - marine locator markers,.distress signals and

6.entertainment - special effects, aerial smoke and others


Available in concentrated or ready-for–use format.


Colors: yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, black. White


Custom colors can be manufactured to individual specifications, upon request.


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