What is the development direction of film formers for agriculture
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What is the development direction of film formers for agriculture

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What is the development direction of film formers for agriculture

                                What is the development direction of film formers for agriculture

In agriculture, a lot of agricultural particles need to be protected by special film, which plays an important role in improving the insurance quality of agricultural products and preventing external damage. In order to achieve this goal, the general method is to use an agricultural film - forming agent to help its effective film - forming agent. Agricultural film forming agent is a kind of film forming agent which is suitable for agricultural products through special treatment, but from the perspective of current development, agricultural film forming agent still has a great room for improvement. Next xiaobian to discuss with you the development direction of agricultural film - forming agent.

Development direction of film formers for agriculture

(1) One is to reduce the smell, now many agricultural film agents have some production problems, the use of raw materials have a very bad smell. Smelly agricultural film formers usually contain some harmful chemicals, which not only smell unpleasant, but may cause problems with subsequent processing. So odor reduction is a major requirement in the future development process.

(2) The second is to reduce the generation of volatile organic compounds in agricultural film - forming agents. One of the more serious problems in air pollution today is that volatile organic gases are not easily disposed of. However, there are many volatile organic gases in the existing agricultural film forming agents, so in the subsequent development process, agricultural film forming agents that pay attention to environmental protection will be more popular.

(3) Thirdly, in terms of toxicity, agricultural film forming agents should be developed to the direction of low toxicity. All kinds of agricultural film formers have some toxicity more or less, and the effect of these toxicity may not be great, but the accumulation of toxicity should be paid attention to in the process of long-term use.

(4) Degradable agricultural film forming agent is also a major research direction in the future. Degradable agricultural film forming agent can be resolved by microorganisms in the land after use without subsequent impact on the environment. This is also a development idea in response to the needs of the environment.

At present, agricultural film forming agent is still a product that people cannot live without. Film forming assistant products have been used in agricultural occasions, and are widely used in some construction coatings, automobile coatings and textile printing and dyeing. Therefore, people will do more research in this field in the future. Our factory focuses on the production of all kinds of chemical products, agricultural film agent can be said to be our flagship products. If you are interested in the products of our agricultural film distributor factory, please feel free to contact and communicate with our staff.

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