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ER CHEM was set up in 2009.We are export agent and shareholder for Jiangsu Renxin Chemical Co., Ltd which manufactures Pigments and Solvent dyes and its intermediates . With well established production facilities, certified quality assurance system advanced water treatment system, innovative R&D ability, we provide global customers with excellent products and services. We have 4 production bases in China. Among those pigments, we focus on Pigment Violet 23, total capacity of finished Pigment Violet 23 is 1200 mt/year and crude Pigment Violet 23 is 1800mt/year. We have 1500 number of empolyees in our factories.

Our factory realizes its responsibility to the earth and engages in “green” and stick to both economical success and social responsibilities , stick to sustainable development. We have 10,000 mt/day waste water treatment, We do recycle and recovery of solvents, recyclable packing materials.

We also know the importance of product safety to global consumers. We made continuous research in order to comply with worldwide safety regulations. Take Pigment Violet 23 as an example: Our factory of Pigment violet 23 has 7 production lines, carries out integrated production of Pigment Violet 23 crude as well as finished Pigment. The crude workshop is equipped with hydrogen reduction and recovery of solvents, operates in a clean, safe, low cost ,high efficiency mode. Our factories are equipped with 60 ball mills and 7 kneaders to produce Pigment Violet 23 with both ball-milling and kneading process to meet diversified needs of customers from different industrial segments. With advanced production facilities, continuously technical development, good management we bring our customer win-win business and value added service.

Quality Management
Our factory certified with ISO9001:2008, Our factories provide customers with excellent products in consistent quality, along with satisfactory technical service. To fit diversified applications and QC needs of customers, our lab is equipped with paint shaker, vertical mill, flat mill, injection machine, flat press, vulcanization machine, viscosity meter, moisture analyzer and spectrophotometer. Experienced technician controls parameters as shade, strength, dispersibility moisture, PH strictly to ensure application properties cater to customer’s standard.

Our R&D Department is always in the position to service our customers and cater to their needs. R&D lab consistently carries out fundamental researches, improves application properties, develop new products to fulfill diversified needs of customers.

Our Vision
We Make the World Colorful, Make Mother Earth more “Green”.