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Introduction of Pigment Violet 23 of ER CHEM
      2018,ER CHEM is dedicated to supply Pigment Violet 23 to Coating,INK&Plastic Industries.
      Pigment Violet 23, also call 8,18-dichloro-5,15-diethyl-5,15-dihydrodiind. It is a dioxazine pigment of blue tone, which has high coloring strength and extraordinary light .It has heat resistance and permeability resistance. Because of its stable chemical and physical properties,it is widely used in Coating , printing Inks , Plastics, Textiles and some other fields.  
      ER CHEM, who owns 7 productions lines, carries out integrated production of Pigment violet 23 crude as well as finished pigment .The crude workshop is equipped with hydrogen reduction and recovery of solvents, operates in a clean,safe,low cost, high efficiency mode. Our factories equipped with 60ball mills and 7 kneaders to produce pigment violet 23 with both ball-milling and kneading process to meet diversified needs of customers from different industrial segments. With advanced production facilities ,continuously technical development, good management bring our customers win-win business and value added service.
    Anyone who would like to know more details, please contact us, we will give you detailed answers, love quality, love ER CHEM, Love Pigment Violet 23.