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Pigment Violet 23 chemical industry standard was approved

Coating industry:
        Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a Notice No. 48/2017, approving the "steel structure use water soluble anti-corrosive paint" and 691 industry standards, including 192 items of chemical industry standard , relates to 17 standards of  coating pigment industry  (following part only the Pigment Violet 23):
HG/T 5186-2017

        This standard stipulates the requirements, sampling, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage of C.I. pigment 23.

        This standard is suitable for the two oxazine pigments obtained from 3- amino -N- ethyl carbazole and four chloro benzoquinone in close closed loop and special pigmentation. The products are mainly used in paint, plastic and ink and other fields.

         ER CHEM will strictly follow the industry standard to produce all the products such as Pigment Violet 23 and so on, to meet the needs of different customers.