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Optical brightener BSU

The Details of "Optical brightener BSU"

Appearance:Tangenrine to red transparent liquid
Fluorescent intensity:20±1(equal to E400)
Max.UV absorption wavelength:350nm
Performance characteristics:
Redish tone:Low substantivity:Stable to hard water acid,alkaline,sodium hydrsosulfite and peroxide,but not stable to chorite and hypochlorite
Whitening of polyester cotton blended fabric crosslinkong agent;
Work well in surface sizing and coating because of lo affinity to paper fiber
Recommended dosage:
In surface sizing it can be used with starch,CMC,PVA,strong anionic and weak cationic synthetic sizing agent ,dosage:0.5-2.0%.
China clay(absolute dry clay):0.1-0.3%
Package:N.W.1100kg IBC tank