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Optical brightener MST

The Details of "Optical brightener MST"

Optical brightener MST
Appearance:Amber transparent liquid
Fluorescent intensity:20+1(equal to E400)
Max.UV absorption wavelength:350nm
Performance characteristics:Blue-purple tone;Good affinity to fabrics;Good resistance to hard water ,so the ions of Ca2+and Mg2+have no affect on its whitening;Good resistance to peroxide bleaching agent and contaning reductive bleaching agent .Normal acid-resistance and the optimal applying ph value is above 7,Good sunlight fastness,acid resistant and alkali-resistant.
Applied to cotton,glue fiber and syrup of discharge pattern of printing whitening;
Used in paper pulp,surface sizing and coating .When Applied in surface sizing ,it can be mixed with starch to improve the whitening affect and also can be mixed with CMC,PVA,anionic and weak cationic.
The ph value of paper pulp makes small influence on its whitening effect,even if in a low ph value can get satified whitening effect.
Recommended dosage:
Exhaust dyeing dosage:0.1-0.5%;
In coating,it can be made into 20% high concentrated solution and be coated on the paper directly.It is the best choice for high-quality paper.
Package:N.W.1000kg plastics barrel