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Optical brightener CF-127

The Details of "Optical brightener CF-127"

Optical Brightener CF-127
Light yellow-Green crystal or powder
Max.UV absorption wavelength:361nm
Performance characteristics:
Bluish tone;Insoluble in water,soluble in carton tetrachoride and DMF;
Heal stability≥300℃,it can withstand the high temperature when in the plastic processing and chemical fiber and has high mobility;
It has an excellent effect in artificial leather with long term storage without yellowing and fading;
It has good compatibility and excellent whitening effect in PVC and polystyrene;
Low toxicity allows it can be applied to whiten the package of food and children toy
Applied to PVC and polystyrene products;
Applied to coating material,printing ink and synthetic(nylon has good sunlight fastness);
Applied to household electric appliance,electronics and package materials.
Recommended dosage:
Transparent product:0.0025-0.005%;Opaque product:0.01-0.03%.
It can be made into 1%-10% concentrated color master batch and then added into products as per proportion.
Package:Packed per N.W.25kg in fiber drum ,kraft bag or PE bag