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Optical brightener CBS-X

The Details of "Optical brightener CBS-X"

Optical Brightener CBS-X
Appearance:Yellow-green even powder or granule
UV absorption:1105-1181
Max.UV absorption wavelength:349nm
Performance characteristics:CBS-X is a high quantum yield fluorescent brightener,and its dosage is only a quater of bis (triazinylamino)stilbene derivatives.It has blue tone ,and high resistant to chlorine bleaching,hydrogen peroxide bleaching,and strong acid as well as alkali.It can significantily increase the whiteness of detergent and soap and improve thier appearance quality.Its good mobility makes cloth uniform whitening with no spots when cloth is handwashed in samall ratio bath or put in washing machine under a low temperature.It has excellent whitening effect.When Applied in the cold water and warm water on cellulose fiber,polyamide,protien fiber ,cotton,it has high whitening effect,whereas other fluorescent whitening agent has poor whitening effect in low temperature.Whitening quuickly in a very short period can  make fabric reach a high whitening effect,It has excellent dry and wet sunlight fastness as well as perspiration resistance,which bis(triazinylamino)stilbene derivatives can be resolved easily in the process of fabric exposure and makes fabrics yellow under the effect of perspiration.After repeated washing,the effect is better,the more cloth be washed ,the whitener and brighter it becomes,however,bis(triazinylamino)stilbene darivatives become yellower,darker after repeated washing,CBS-X is insoluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons,but can be dispersed therein.
1.Appiled in high -quailty synthetic detergent powder,super concentrated detergent and soap industry;
2.It can also be applied as a fabric softening agent and finishing agent separately or matched with other varieties of fluorescent whitening agents according to different needs;
3.Applied in exhaust dyeing and pad dyeing of cotton,exhaustion dyeing of wool,exhaust dyeing of nylon,thermosetting dyeing of fixationg,acid padding or solvent dyeing,and silk dyeing with excellent fastness,Affinity to cotton is low,moderate to wool and high to silk.

Type dosage % type dosage
Common washing powder 0.05-0.25 Laundry soap 0.05-0.15
Concentrated washing powder 0.10-0.40 Toilted soap 0.05-0.05
Liquid detergent 0.05-0.40 Soften washing agent  0.02-0.05
Industrial cleaning agent 0.20-1.00 Emulsion 0.05-0.15
(2)Texile:bath ratio1:20 and yellowing point is 0.3%,bath ratio 1:40 and yellowing point is 0.5%
Package:N.W.25kg in fiber drum or carton