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Optical brightener KSM

The Details of "Optical brightener KSM"

Appearance:Amber transparent liquid
UV absorption :75±5
Max.UV absorption wavelength:350nm
Performance characteristics:
Redish tone:lowsubstantivity:Stable to hard water acid,alkaline,sodium hydrsosulfite and peroxide,but not stable to chorite and hypochlorite
Mainly applied in paper-making,surface sizing,coating processes;
Also applied in whitening of cotton ,linen,cellulose liber fabric;Brightning of light tone fabrics;Pad dyeing of cotton;
Compatible with starch and resin finishing agent when applied in cotton pay dyeing.
Whitening of plended fabric of cotton and other synthetic fiber.
Recommended dosage:
Paper-making (absolute dry pulp):0.1-1.2%
Surface sizing with atarch,CMC,PVA,strong anionic and week Cationic synthetic sizing agent :0.1-2.0%.
Coating:0.1-0.4%(compared to weight of coating).
Package:N.W.110kg IBC tank