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33'-Dichlorobenzidine Dihydrochloride(DCB)

The Details of " 33'-Dichlorobenzidine Dihydrochloride(DCB)"

3,3'-Dichlorobenzidine Dihydrochloride(DCB)

Chemical Name:  3,3'-Dichlorobenzidine Dihydrochloride
Other Name: 
                        3,3’ -DICHLOROBENZIDINE HCL;
                        3,3’ -DICHLOROBENZIDINE 2 HCL;
                        3,3’-DICHLOROBENZIDINE· 2HYDR0CHL0RIDE;
                        3,3’-DICHLORO BENZIDINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE;
                        3,3’-DICHLORO BENZIDINE DIHYD
MF: CL2H10CL2N2 · 2HCL
Formula Weight: 326.05

Item Standard
Appearance White or light grey moistpowder
Purity ≤1.0
Free amine (by amino-group) ≥99.5%
Moisture ≤5.0%
Product Performance The product is a kind of white or light grey moist powder.Its melitng point is 132~137°C and boiling is 385℃.It soluble in ethanol and aether,slightly soluble in water,and in dilute hydrochloric acid solubility is small.
Applications The product is a intermediate of azo pigment, like:pigment yellow 12,pigment yellow 13, pigment yellow 14,pigment yellow 83.It is mainly used for making yellow and orange organic pigments which are applied widely for ink ,paint,rubber,plastics and printing ink ,and also used for making direct dyes and medicine ect.
Packaging 25KGS/drum knitting bag or 50KGS cardboard drum