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Pigment Violet 23 BLS

The Details of "Pigment Violet 23 BLS"

Pigment Violet 23 BLS is a dioxazine pigment of blue tone. It has high coloring strength ,solvent stable and good fluidity. Excellent physical and chemical stability, good heat resistance enable it widely applied in almost all industrial segments as Coatings, Printing Inks, Plastics, Textiles.

ER Fast Yellow BLS
C.I. Name: Pigment Violet 23
C.I. No.: 51319
CAS No.: 215247-95-3
Chemical Class: Dioxazine

Physical Data:
Density: 1.4~1.6 g/cm3
Specific surface: 45~102m2/g
Oil absorption: 38~53 ml/100g

Chemical Resistance:
Fastness to acids:  4-5
Fastness to alkalis: 4-5

Application (BLS)
Printing Inks Offset Recommended
Flexo-Alcohol Recommended
Gravure-NC Recommended
Gravure-PA Recommended
Gravure-PP Recommended
Gravure-Pub. Toluene Recommended
Silkscreen Recommended

Fastness to Solvent
Water Ethyl Acetate Ethanol Xylene MEK
5 5 5 4~5 4

Fastness to Properties
Heat Resistance Light Fastness Water Resistance Linseed oil resistance
8 5 5