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Pigment Red 48:3 (YBYF04831P)

The Details of "Pigment Red 48:3 (YBYF04831P)"

Pigment Red 48:3 (YBYF04831P)
C.I. Name: PIGMENT RED 48:3 (YBYF04831P)
C.I.  No.: 15865:3
CAS No.: 15782-05-5
Chemical Class: Metal Lake Pigment

Physical Data:
Density: 1.6~1.9 g/cm3
Specific surface: 53~100m2/g
Color strength(SD 1/3 in PP): N/A

Chemical Resistance:
Hydrochloric acid resistance: 4
Sodium hydroxide resistance: 4

Warping in HDPE: N/A

PVC: Recommended
LDPE: Recommended
HDPE/PP: Recommended
PS: Not Recommended
PUR: Not Recommended
ABS: Not Recommended
PA-6: Not Recommended
PC: Not Recommended
PET/PBT: Not Recommended
POM: Not Recommended
Rubber: Limited Suitability
PP Fibres: Limited Suitability
PET Fibres: Not Recommended
PA Fibres 32: Not Recommended

Fastness Properties

  Heat resistance (HDPE) Light fastness Weathering Migration in PVC Hot light 600KJ/M2
0.10% 260℃ 6 4 4 N/A
0.1%+1% Tio 260℃ 6 4 4 N/A