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Pigment Red 185

The Details of "Pigment Red 185"

Pigment Red  185 is the bright blue shade organic red pigment. This pigment has become the industry standard for high performance reds. Excellent colour strength, heat stability and lightfastness make it suitable for virtually all polymers and applications including food contact and toys. FDA listed and in French Positive List.

Pigment Red 185
C.I. Name: Pigment Red 185
C.I. No.: 12516
CAS No.: 51920-12-8 / 61951-98-2
Chemical Class: Benzimidazolone

Physical Data:
Density: 1.48 g/cm3
Specific surface: 52 m2/g
Color strength (SD 1/3 in PP) 1% Tio2: 0.20

Warping in HDPE: High

PVC: Recommended
LL/LDPE: Recommended
HDPE/PP: Recommended
PS: Recommended
ABS: Not Recommended
PA-6: Not Recommended
PC: Not Recommended
PET: Not Recommended
POM: Not Recommended
Rubber: Recommended