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Violet BL For Paints & Coatings

The Details of "Violet BL For Paints & Coatings"

Violet BL is a Blue shade, very strong dioxazine pigment with the outstanding fastness properties of this group of pigments.Violet BL special is highly recommended for its very high weather fastness , very high overspray fastnes and high tinting strength and brilliance.

Violet BL
C.I. Name: Pigment Violet 23
C.I. No.:51319
CAS No.:215247-95-3
Chemical Class: Dioxazine

Physical Data:
Density: 1.4~1.6 g/cm3
Specific surface: 
Oil absorption: 38~53 ml/100g

Chemical Resistance:
Fastness to acids: 4~5
Fastness to alkalis:4~5


Automotive Paints OEM Paints  
Refinish Paints  
Water-based Recommended
Industrial Paints Water-based Recommended
Amine-curing epoxy Recommended
Coil Coatings Recommended
Powder Coatings Recommended
Decorative Paints Solvent-based Recommended

Fastness to Solvents
Water Butanol Xylene Butyl glyco White spirit Butyl acetate Methylethyl ketone Dibutylphthalae
5 5 4-5 4-5 5 4-5 4 5

Fastness Properties
    Heat resistance Light fastness Weathering Fastness to overpainting
Alkyd-melamine Full Shade
1:10 TiO2
10min: 220℃ 30min:200℃     NC:5                                   AM(120℃):5