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Pigment Preparations Red 146 -ER-B

The Details of "Pigment Preparations Red 146 -ER-B"

Pigment Preparations Red 146 -ER-B

Chemical Characterization: Approx. 40% pigment preparation.Organic Pigment Red aqueous preparation, based on Polymer surfactant and dispersing agents.

Colour Properties
Test Specification DIM Test Method
Rel. Str.% 100±2 % Tinting Color
dE <0.8 CIELAB-UNITS Full Shade
dL* ±0.5 CIELAB-UNITS Full Shade
da* ±0.5 CIELAB-UNITS Full Shade
db* ±0.5 CIELAB-UNITS Full Shade

Physical Data
Test Specification Instrument Test Method
Solid Content 39%-42% Moisture meter 2507-10-01-2013
pH Value 7.0-9.5 pH Meter 2507-10-05-2013
Viscosity <300mPa.s Viscometer (NDJ-5S) 2507-10-02-2013
Particle Size <2μm Particle size meter 2507-10-10-2013

Notes to the Technical Delivery Specification
    The test and evaluation conditions are briefly described in the notes below. Varying results can be obtained from this in other test media under other test conditions. Please take information about characteristic fastness values for the product (lightfastness, etc.) from the pattern cards. These values are not subjected to routine checks.
     The series of this products are aqueous pigment preparations which contain polymeric surfactants and dispersing agents .They are widely used in textile printing.

Note on 2 - Colour Properties
    Characteristics of color is the main color and tinting strength assessment. Relative tinting strength is determined by K / s sum. Relative tinting strength, dL*, da* and db* are compared with the standard of tinting strength, depth and poor, red and green , blue and yellow difference. For evaluation of color difference dE, we according to CIELAB formula.