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Dyes and Pigments 
Including liquid and powder series
Liquid series do not need to be   ground
Fine particle size in the system   evenly distributed
Easy to use
Water - based system
Pigment powder easy to be   ground
Strong coloring Strength
Good dispersion 
Brilliant shade
Pigment Preparations 
Pigment Paste for seed coating   colorants
Pigment Paste for seed colorants
Pigment Preparations for paint
Pigment Preparations for ink
Pigment Paste for ink-jet ink
Pigment Paste for paper making
Pigment Preparations for textile
Pigment Paste for latex products
Pigment Paste for viscose         
 chemical fiber
Colors for Fertilizers & Pesticides     
Seed colorants & seed coating colorants 
ER CHEM is an innovative company dedicated to the R&D and sale of Seed colorants  (dyes and pigments, high concentrated water based pigment paste )
Seed coating agent
Agricultural film forming agent
Liquid&powder shining Agent for   seed treatment
Pill granulation/palleting
Tailor made products for        
  customer needs
polymers for seed coating
Other Chemicals
Lactic acid 
Phthalic anhydride
Malelc anhydride
K acid 
J acid 
R salt 
H acid 
C8 water and oil repellent 
With nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of  high performance pigments,ER CHEM is dedicated to the R&D,Manufacturing,and Sales of High Performance Pigments,Classic organic pigment,Solvent dyes,Master batch,Intermediates,Disperse dye and,Metal complex dye.
ER CHEM continuously integrate the industry resources,efforts to provide Titanium dioxide,Flower dye,Fluorescent,pigments,Smoke dye,Pearlescent pigment,Oil dye,PH sensitive colorants,Sublimation ink dye,Maleic anhydride,C8-water and oil repellent,Dyes for Antifreeze and Coolants ,pigment paste.
ER  CHEM Color Main Application Plastic,Ink,Coating,Smoke,Oil,Flower,Seed treatment,Paper,Antifreeze and Coolants,Other fine and special products.


♦OEM production         
♦Price Negotiations                                       
♦Ware Housing /Logistics                     

Pigment Violet 23 is one of  ER CHEM strongest Product for Coating, INK&Plastic Industries with 2 production bases in China.  The total capacity of finished Pigment Violet 23 is 1600mt/year and crude Pigment Violet 23 is 2000mt/ year.


20 Years Experience

With  20 years of experience in the manufacturing and supplying of  high performance pigments .


With  20 years of experience 
in the manufacturing and supplying of
high performance pigments, ER CHEM 
is dedicated to the R&D.


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