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  • Nov
    Introduction to the method of dye quality inspection

    Dye is a kind of thing we can't live without in our life. Why the clothes we wear can be colorful and die? Because the existence of dye makes our world more beautiful and colorful.

  • Nov
    Pigment yellow 14- a detailed explanation

    Chinese name: Pigment yellow 14, benzidine yellow BHT; Benzidine yellow RS; Pigment yellow 14 (C.I); Solid yellow GS; forever; Solid yellow G forever; 2, 2 '- [(3, 3' - dichloro [1, 1 '- biphenyl] 4, 4' - 2) double (azo)] double [N - (2 - methyl phenyl)] - 3 - oxygen generation ding amide; Haishu yellow 6314, C.I.P Igment yellow 14,2GS yellow
    English name: Iron, iron, and iron

  • Nov
    Development direction of film formers for agriculture

    In agriculture, a lot of agricultural particles need to be protected by special film, which plays an important role in improving the insurance quality of agricultural products and preventing external damage.

  • Nov
    How are solvent dyes named

    Our world is so colorful. On the one hand, nature has endowed us with rich colors. On the other hand, through continuous research efforts, we have produced a variety of solvent dyes, which enable us to decorate the world more autonomously.

  • Nov
    Dye classification tips

    Looking at this vast world, we can appreciate so many colors. On the one hand, nature itself gives us a colorful home; on the other hand, people's industry gives play to their wisdom and make various dyes used for painting, making our life more colorful.

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