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ER CHEM has quickly grown to become a key supplier of high performance organic colorants, capable of serving a wide range of customers in the ink,coating,and plastic industries

   ER CHEM make the world colorful, make mother earth more “Green”.

Customized Products

Tailor made product to develop specific products and services for customer color matching service to match designated color according to
 customer demand.

Overall Quality Control

Overall quality control management system to ensure best and consistent quality.Efficient logistic management system to ensure swift delivery.

Professional Team

Application research to help customer to 
improve product quality and tailored product to develop specific products for customer.


  •             ♦Consolidation
                     ♦OEM production
                        ♦Price Negotiations
                                            ♦Ware Housing /Logistics          
    ♦R &D

  • ER CHEM is dedicated to supply Pigment Violet 23 to Coating, INK&Plastic Industries with 2 production base in China. The total capacity of finished Pigment Violet 23 is 1600mt/year and crude Pigment Violet 23 is 2000mt/ year.

With  20 years of experience 
in the manufacturing and supplying of
high performance pigments, ER CHEM 
is dedicated to the R&D.


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